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Prime Ministers Challenge Fund


In May 2015, Primary Care Cheshire and West Cheshire CCG, in collaboration with all of our member practices were awarded almost £3.8 million funding from wave two of the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund.   One of 37 successful bids across the country.

The proposal that we submitted was very ambitious and reflected both the need to transform primary care services in west Cheshire, as well as the desire of many of our practices to be innovative about how their services are designed and delivered.

Building on the hard work, and innovation delivered under the Vanguard programme last year, this funding is allowing practices to continue to explore cluster based working to deliver new, innovative and efficient services for our patients.

Some of the areas we are currently focusing on are:



A significant element of the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund programme was to implement a range of information technology solutions to support future ways of working, including mobile working. 

Following the GP IT showcase event on the 16th September, where a range of applications were demonstrated, we are now looking to pilot the following across our localities:


EMIS Mobile;

  • View clinical records, including shared data where possible, for scheduled patient’s visits.

  • View daily appointments and diary entries.

  • View a map of patient appointment locations.

  • Update clinical records via EMIS Web mobile templates.

  • Add user tasks.

  • Book follow-up appointments.

  • Create and amend appointment schedules.

  • Add new medication.

  • Dictate information to free text fields using the voice recognition functionality on a mobile device.

  • Have multiple users on one device.

  • Access EMIS Mobile on multiple devices.


EMIS Anywhere; is a full EMIS client (as installed on desktops) on a mobile device. With EMIS Anywhere users can:

  • Access full EMIS Web client

  • Access restricted to EMIS and Docman


EMIS eConsult; (formerly WebGP) This allows patients an additional way of contacting their GP or seeking healthcare advice but also provides a point of intervention for the practice to decide who is best placed to deal with the patient’s request. It is proposed to deploy this across all practices and support this with a targeted advertising campaign to raise awareness with patients and the public.


V-Connect; which offers a secure, simple method of digital audio visual communication between an organisation and a patient (as well as the potential for multi-site setup to provide a virtual Multi-Disciplinary Team facility). The system will:

  • Decrease the need for GPs to travel as frequently to see patients

  • Decrease the need for patients to travel to see their GP

  • Allow clinicians to remain in their practice and therefore have full, reliable access to their clinical system

  • Allow earlier assessment options to patients who may find it difficult to get to the practice - which may help to reduce winter pressures



Vulnerable Older People

Funding has been provided to support work across clusters to develop and deliver services differently for the vulnerable older populations, as well as promoting further integration with the Wellbeing Co-ordinator roles.  These initiatives complement the primary care commissioning for quality and innovation scheme launched on the 1st April 2015. 


Extended Hours

Extended hours appointments are available 6.30 – 9.30 pm Monday to Friday; 9 am – 2 pm on Saturday and 10 am – 3 pm on Sunday


Well Being Coordinators

This service offers a holistic service, delivered through a well-trained and empathetic team, working with people in their own homes, helping them to build personal resilience in self-managing their health and wellbeing. The service aim, in particular, has been to support clients who have been referred by the GP, practice staff or integrated teams. Patients with long term health conditions, who are also socially isolated, and who may be at greater risk of admission to hospital. 


Physiotherapy First

This service is available across west Cheshire and aims to actively develop alternatives to general practice by providing a MSK (Musculoskeletal conditions ) direct access service


To improve Patient access for assessment of Musculoskeletal conditions (MSK) by providing patients requiring urgent assessment, with an effective and timely first clinical contact, and encourage self-care


 To free up GP appointments to be saved for other (non-musculoskeletal) conditions


 To reduce musculoskeletal patient follow-ups with GP’s


To improve the patient pathway for Musculoskeletal conditions, by removing the patients need to see a GP prior to accessing physiotherapy or Adult Musculoskeletal Assessment And Management Service (AMAAMS)


 To improve patient satisfaction for those patients attending with MSK conditions


 Increasing the quality of the communication and liaison between the GP and the Physiotherapist in individual cases


Pharmacy Extended Hours

We are currently in discussions with Rowlands Pharmacy regarding a pilot to provide extended pharmacy hours. This will operate in Tarporley, to mirror those of the Extended Hours service as well as to open earlier in the morning to facilitate patients to self-care more effectively. If the pilot is successful we will look to roll out across the west Cheshire footprint.