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Be the health care provider of preference and choice for both patients and clinicians, which re-invests profits back into primary care.”

Health and Wellbeing Coach

Eligibility criteria:

  • 18+ years of age

  • be registered with either Princeway HC, or Helsby and Elton HC

  • Be willing to want to make lifestyle changes.

"Health Coaches work with patients to support them to make small lifestyle changes, which can include increasing someone's levels of physical activity, changing areas of their food / diet to become a healthy weight, helping people to manage stress, or improve their sleep.


Coaches work alongside patients and enable people to identify goals and a plan of action to meet their goals, through regular 1:1 sessions. Coaches can also work with groups of people and those with longstanding medical conditions, such as osteoarthritis or diabetes to make small lifestyle changes, that enables the person to better manage their health and wellbeing"

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