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Long Covid Coordinator

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Referral from your GP after the following has been completed:

  • ECG

  • X Ray

  • Blood test

(This is to rule out any other health conditions)

Checking Blood Pressure
long covid.png

''My name is Fleur Roberts, I am the Wellbeing Coordinator for the Cheshire West Long Covid team.  I help and support patients with 'long covid' which is symptoms post 12 weeks of a Covid infection. Common symptoms include fatigue (extreme tiredness), cough, breathlessness, poor sleep, loss of taste and smell, muscle ache / joint ache, difficulty concentrating / memory loss, headaches, fast heart rate, mental health (often heightened)''

Once you are referred to the Long Covid team, you will have input from a Respiratory Physio, Occupational Therapist and the long covid coordinator who helps and supports with a holistic approach, ensuring patients are aware of which benefits they are entitled to, signposting to support in completion of these forms, employment advice, meditation / mindfulness, referral to IAPT (mental health team), Supporting letters, debt advice. There is a peer support group available for patients with Long Covid to meet, helping social isolation and the impact of not being believed. The Peer Support group has been running for 12 months and runs twice a month.

As a relatively new condition, please do contact your GP for further support especially if you have unexplained symptoms following a Covid infection.

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