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Be the health care provider of preference and choice for both patients and clinicians, which re-invests profits back into primary care.”


Care Coordinator 

Having many health conditions or seeking support for a mental health condition can mean that you see a variety of health and social care professionals; it can impact on different aspects of your life.

A care coordinator wants to make sure you have the fastest and best-quality service with continuity.

Care Coordinator


Our care coordinator offers a person centered holistic approach. What matters to you and working with you to develop personalised care whilst supporting patients and carers through their Care Journey, whilst helping them to understand and manage their condition and have that choice over where and how they receive care.

Personalised care is where people have more choice and control over how their health and care needs are met. It recognizes that people themselves can sometimes be the best integrators of health and care, and supports them to live as independently as they wish. With personalised care, people are more involved in the decision making process and should be supported to talk about the outcomes that matter most to them and what is the best course of action to achieve these outcomes. 

Eligibility Criteria


  • Aged 18+

  • Registered with a GP surgery in Chester South , Handbridge and Lache Medical Centre.

If you feel you would benefit from this service referrals can be made by GP surgery staff, social workers, any other healthcare professional, community and voluntary sector organisations, housing associations, and self-referrals.

This service is not an emergency contact but we will be with you as soon as we can. 

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