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“Be the reason someone smiles today” - Rikki Lloyd

In a former life before taking on this role of Wellbeing Coordinator I used to preach constantly to groups of children that a smile is worth more than anything to somebody. A comfort. A reassurance. A pick me up moment. A surprise. A relief. A cherished moment. All of the previous and more are what a smile can provide to any one individual at any particular moment.

When I was supporting one of my surgeries with their Covid vaccination clinics this past week I got to witness first hand what I used to preach. A smile, my smile (albeit behind a face covering in line with Government regulations) provided patients with one of the list above or potentially even a different reason but it was an experience that will stay with me forever.

Being present at that moment when patients walked out of the room having had their 2nd vaccination and being able to help as you can see the relief and hope overwhelm them is an unbelievable experience. A year of struggle. A year of pain. A year of separation. All hopefully put to an end as they walked down the corridor to the waiting room in touching distance of that light that is shining at the end of the tunnel.

I simply smiled and helped them to a seat. I wiped down chairs and shared conversations with patients as they waited until they felt ready to head home. Smiles, beneath the masks, radiated the room and eye brows peaked up in the hope of normality nearing its welcomed return. The appreciation was bursting out from every patient as well. Every single one of them could not be more thankful. For myself to witness and be a part of it all is something I will tell for all my years to come and I will never forget.

If you can do something today then “Be the reason someone smiles today.” Trust me, the feeling will stay with you for a long time!


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