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Covid-19 Vaccine Drive across Cheshire West and Chester

We at Primary Care Cheshire CIC (PCC) are working in partnership with various agencies Community and CCG to encourage participation in receiving the Covid-19 Vaccinations as part of the Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Programme, up-take of the Vaccinations currently is lower than anticipated. This could be for various reasons:

· Accessibility issues

· Concern relating to health worries and side effects relating to receiving the Vaccination’s

· Long term effects

· Anxiety relating to administration of the vaccine, needle phobia for example

· Media and negative opinions/reporting, conspiracy theories and propaganda

Any of the above, all or additional concerns can be addressed if discussed with any Health Practitioner at individuals Gp practices, re-search data/analysis from a reputable GOV.UK website such as NHS111 or NHS England, there is comprehensive Q&A information available.

We whole heartedly acknowledge It is a very worrying and stressful time for all, a lot to process when making the decision to be vaccinated or not, it is an informed personal decision of course, however we would strongly encourage our communities populations to consider taking up and booking your Covid-19 Vaccinations in order to help protect yourselves, loved ones and help eradicate Covid-19 and the very real threat to lives and health both short and long-term also taking into consideration the broader issues the virus has been proven to cause, employment, financial, social, family and friends, mental health and overall general health and wellbeing.


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