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Feeling lonely is something that all of us can experience at any point in our lives, it can make us feel isolated and have a negative impact on our wellbeing. The pandemic has been an unsettling time for everyone, and it’s important to remember that many people may still feel disconnected, and will feel comfortable with different things, even when out of restrictions. We can’t compare ourselves to how others may be feeling or acting, and we should all take time to go at our own pace. Sometimes it can feel easier to help someone else who may be feeling lonely.

There are lots of simple actions that you can do to help, including: Checking in with a family member, friend or neighbour by sending a text or giving them a call to see how they are doing. Reaching out to someone to suggest catching up over a tea or coffee Inviting someone to join you in getting some fresh air and going for a walk.

In taking one of these actions, you could lift someone out of loneliness, and it might help you feel less lonely too.

Find more advice and support by visiting the Every Mind Matters loneliness webpage or searching EveryMindMatters/Loneliness.


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