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National Grief Awareness Week (2nd-8th December 2021)

National Grief Awareness Week was founded by ‘The Good Grief Trust’ and it will be running from 2nd-8th December right across the UK. The Good Grief Trust are the UK’s leading umbrella charity, bringing all UK bereavement support organisations and helplines together under one central database online. They offer early signposting from day one to a range of support services for both the bereaved and the professionals working with them.

Who is the campaign trying to reach?

  • Those living with grief everyday,

  • Those who have never experienced grief.

What is the campaign trying to achieve?

  • To normalise grief as a topic of conversation, whether bereaved or not,

  • To provide guidance on how to care for bereaved people in our communities,

  • To raise awareness of the impact grief can have on an individual - especially the mental and physical effects if specialised grief support is not offered early if needed,

  • To help raise funds for bereavement services,

  • To raise the profile of our much needed organisations,

  • To help reduce the postcode lottery and highlight the need for specialised support.



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