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Safeguarding Adults Week 2021

Safeguarding Adults Week 2021 will take place from 15- 21 November.

Safeguarding Adults Week is a time for organisations to come together to raise awareness of important safeguarding issues. The aim is to highlight safeguarding key issues, facilitate conversations and to raise awareness of safeguarding best practice. So we can all be better together.

Monday- Emotional Abuse and Safeguarding Mental Health

Emotional abuse can have a devastating impact on mental as well as physical health. To have safer cultures, we need to prioritise wellbeing, and create a culture where people can speak out, be listened to and respected. Today at an individual level we are focusing on the importance of wellbeing and self care. At an organisational level, today can be used to explore how organisations can be emotionally aware and promote respectful cultures where people can speak out without fear of reprimand.

Tuesday- The Power of Language

Language is vital in creating a positive culture and fostering inclusivity. Complex terminology and jargon can isolate individuals and result in people feeling excluded. In contrast, using respectful language can widen participation in services, organisations and communities. Today, we want to encourage individuals and organisations to consider the language they use in their practice and how this relates to the people they work with. Is the language used in your setting actively inclusive?

Wednesday- Digital Safeguarding

Over the past year an increasing proportion of our lives from work, education to sport and activity has moved online, This is likely to continue to some extent, even as lockdown restrictions ease. We want to use today to share best practice in relation to how to create safe cultures online.

Thursday- Adult Grooming and the Ann Craft Trust

People can experience grooming and exploitation at any age and in a wide range of contexts. Today we want to raise awareness about different types of grooming for instance, predatory marriage, financial scams and radicalisation. We want to facilitate conversations about how to recognise the signs of grooming and how to respond to promote safer cultures.

Today we are working with Justice for Joan, Operation Repeat and Small Steps to bring you the Opening Eyes and Minds: Grooming and Exploitation Conference. The conference aims to raise awareness of how grooming can be experienced across the life course. You can book your place online now!

Friday- Creating Safer Organisational Cultures

Today we want to hear from you! Tell us what you are doing in your organisation to create safer cultures. For instance, last year British Wrestling spoke to us about the #SpeakingOut campaign in response to allegations of sexual misconduct in British professional wrestling. Today, we will also be focusing on including voices of people less likely to raise concerns, and promoting reflection and learning in safeguarding practice to promote safer cultures.

Saturday & Sunday- Safeguarding and You

Do you know what your role in safeguarding is? Safeguarding is for everyone. It is not just about knowing your role in an employment setting, but also knowing your role as a human being in everyday life to promote safer cultures in the community. We want to highlight that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and everyone needs to play their part to effectively create safer cultures.


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