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The new NHS England and NHS Improvement mental health campaign is now live.

Help Us, Help You - Mental Health Services

On 17th January, NHS England and NHS Improvement are launching a campaign to promote NHS mental health services, encouraging anyone experiencing feelings such as anxiety, depression or other common mental health concerns to seek help through NHS Talking Therapies (also known as IAPT- Improved Access to Psychological Therapies).

Talking Therapies can be offered in a number of ways including a self-help workbook with therapist support, as an online course, over the phone, one to one or in a group. Appointments with therapists are conducted in confidence and help is available in-person, by video consultation, telephone and interactive text.

The NHS is here to help. Feelings of anxiety and depression can affect us all. If you need help with your mental health, you can refer yourself, or your GP can refer you. Let us help you get your feet back on the ground.

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