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Upcoming sessions to support Carers

My name is Kay Foster, I am a bereavement support link worker working in Elton, Helsby and Frodsham. The service has been up and running since February 2021. My role is to provide practical and emotional support to anyone who has been bereaved in the last 12 months. You can find out more about the service by either talking to your GP practice or going on Primary Care Cheshire website

Part of my role is to work with other bereavement services and look at setting up information and support resources. During my time working with people, I have worked with lots of people who have been carers and they have shared that they feel very isolated and struggle with grief as they often feel they have lost their role and purpose as their lives were very busy when they were caring for their loved one, and life is very different now. I have been working in partnership with the End Of Life Partnership to develop and deliver some sessions specially designed for carers who may be experiencing grief before and after loss. It is an opportunity to understand how grief can affect you individually, learn coping strategies to adapt with how life has changed. It is an opportunity to talk and share with other people who understand what difficulties you may be dealing with.

If you feel these sessions may be helpful for you, please call to book a place, If you would like more information about the service please contact me.


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