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This week’s Blog is focused on Volunteer’s Week highlighting the invaluable help Volunteer’s nationwide provide with their time, skills and the huge benefits and difference they make to their communities.

As well as the huge benefits of Volunteering has on Communities, Community Project’s and Charities etc. there are some great personal benefits for Volunteer’s also.

Today’s Blog is an overview to provide the various areas Volunteer help is needed and relied upon, it is far wider than most people are aware and extends much further than Charity Shop Volunteering for example. Please see a few suggested area’s below reliant on Volunteer groups valuable time and skills, check out Local Council Websites for example for local Volunteer opportunities.

Charities – fundraising event days Food Banks Providing lifts

Shopping for the housebound/shielding Youth Projects & Programmes Charity Shops

Local outdoor Projects Companion/Buddy Libraries

Please follow the link for Cheshire West Voluntary Action charitable organisation to check out the Volunteering Platform for opportunities you may be interested in volunteering your time and skills to


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